Extreme Travel Destinations in the World that Adrenaline Addicts Must Visit

Most people travel because they want to take a break from their daily routine by enjoying the scenery or doing other fun things. But it turns out that for some people, leyeh-leyeh activities are not enough. Especially for those who like adventure and looking for new excitement on each trip. Travel not only provides entertainment but also must involve activities that are challenging and adrenaline pumping. So that even the usual tourist spots may not be satisfactory. If you are one of those adventurers who are looking for exciting activities, it seems like these 5 extreme tourist destinations will definitely make you excited and want to pack your suitcase.

Adventure to the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls, Venezuela

The location of Angel Falls is very challenging, which is in the jungle in Venezuela which is isolated and not easy to reach. But that doesn’t prevent it from becoming one of the most famous tourist destinations in Venezuela. Not only beautiful, Angel Falls also holds the title as the highest in the world, with a height of 3,212 feet, and has a quarter mile of rapids or a small sloping waterfall. Even though it takes courage and heavier efforts, it will all pay off once you see the amazing waterfall with high cliffs and green wilderness.

Climb the top of the world’s steepest mountain, Mount Thor, Canada

Mount Thor is not the highest mountain. The highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest at 20,000 feet, while Mount Thor is only 5,495 feet high. However, this one mountain has the steepest peak in the world. The peak, which is made of pure granite, has a vertical ravine of 4,101 feet with a tilt angle of about 105 degrees. Isn’t that steep? Despite its remote location, this mountain is very popular with hikers. But even if you are not a climber, you can still camp and enjoy the enchanting scenery.

Kayaking with whales in Alaska

For those of you who like sea adventures, of course you are familiar with the beautiful scenery under the sea. However, have you had the balls to be in direct contact with the largest marine mammals while kayaking? If so, you must visit Alaska and try a whale kayaking adventure in Alaska’s oceans. Who doesn’t want to take a photo with a whale in the middle of the ocean with a beautiful scenery in the background? Although scientists think these whales do not like to attack humans, their enormous size is certainly enough to discourage people.

Bungee jumping in a volcanic crater, Chile

If bungge jumping from a high cliff still feels normal to you, now is the time to try bungee jumping on a volcano with a crater filled with hot lava eruptions. It’s certain that your adrenaline will be triggered by feeling the bungee volcano at a volcano near Pucon, Chile. A helicopter will take you up the mountain, and you will have to jump from the helicopter towards the caldera below. What an extreme!

Camping with emperor penguins in Antarctica

Antarctica is indeed the place for everything that is extreme, from the coldest temperatures, the strongest winds, to its natural conditions that make it impossible for humans to live in. However, because of this, many people want to know and feel for themselves the harshness of nature in Antarctica. One of them is camping with emperor penguins at the Patriot Hills Camp, which is located very close to the emperor penguin colony around the south coast of Weddel Sea. When else can you really feel like you’re in a Happy Feet cartoon?