Hobbies, Leisure Time

leisure timeOscar Wilde once said that cultivated leisure is the aim of man,” by which he may have been thinking of the sorts of diversions that require sporting a tuxedo or concentrating for lengthy hours in an edifying seminar. Within the leisure economy, you will have a gaggle that has extra time on their hands, and extra importantly a sub group that has time on their hands and fewer cash than they had earlier than. Adding a time dimension to consumer behavior, nevertheless, greatly affects consumer behavior and future consumption markets.

The theoretical framework relies on research on leisure-time centres and studying environments. One result of this research has been the rising recognition that shopper resources encompass two price range constraints-a cash price range and a time price range. The end result of the examine is the Leisure Time Exercise Questionnaire (LTAQ).

In addition to the plain analysis potentials of establishing the time prices for items and providers that customers will be willing to pay within the second marketplace for time, a further perspective is usually recommended. Kami tidak sekedar menggambar site plan yang sedang Anda rencanakan, tetapi kami juga memberikan perhitungan kebutuhan biaya proyek, analisa rencana harga jual terhadap biaya, …