The Best Business Hotels in Singapore

If you are planning to travel to Singapore for business, you will definitely need a hotel that is customized to suit your needs. Many business travelers need to work while on the go. This makes some accessories very important. Singapore is on top of everything because amenities like the internet are in all hotels, but one that is customized to satisfy a business traveler offers more than this.

  • They are close to business amenities like airports, training centers, and many others.
  • They offer a working environment including business centers, boardrooms, and training centers.
  • They are affordable because the aim is not leisure but traveling for business.

Without wasting more time, let us look at some of the best business hotels in Singapore and what makes them suitable for you.

M Social Singapore

As a business traveler, you will certainly enjoy a room in this hotel. Whether you are a smoker or not, they have a corner for you. The rooms are all equipped with a desk, internet, and satellite TV to keep you working and updated on what is happening in the world. It has class and you will not feel embarrassed when meeting your business partners at their restaurant or boardroom.

Park Hotel Alexandra

According to the experts who process entrepreneur visas for Singapore business travelers, this hotel has 4.5 stars of excellence. This means that business travelers who have been here were impressed by its theme and amenities. Just like any other business hotel, you will get a desk and internet connectivity. But the best thing is that they have suites with lounges, and this can work as a meeting place if you want privacy.

Swissotel The Stamford Singapore

Are you looking for a central point in the heart of Singapore to conduct your businesses? This hotel enjoys the advantage of a good business location and it goes ahead to provide all guests with a five-star experience. Although it looks like a leisure hotel because of sports amenities, but if you consider it, business travelers need a gym, tennis court, or a pool after a tough day doing business. All these are offered here on top of the free internet and desk in the room.

Hotel Nostalgia

It has already featured as one of the top ten best business hotels in Singapore. Apart from providing business amenities like internet, 24/7 receptionist, taxi services, and a desk in the room, the hotel has leisure amenities for relaxation after a series of business meetings. The best thing is that they have a boardroom and other meeting areas for you and your Singaporean or abroad business allies.

Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway Singapore by Shangri-La

It is not possible to end this list without this hotel as it has been voted as an excellent business hotel many times. They offer 5-star services to both business and leisure travelers. The standard amenities to find are spacious rooms with a great view of the city from the window, a working desk, a gym center, and a pool, among many others.

So, as you travel to Singapore today for business, these are some of the best business hotels to check out. They have a quick check-in and check-out procedure so that you do not waste a lot of time. You can also book them online through various booking engines.

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